About Raquel:

In 2008, Raquel Castillo began designing her collection of jewelry entirely from rare vintage pieces that have been re-imagined and re-assembled into one-of-a-kind statement jewelry. Her pieces are handmade in her Los Angeles studio and offers a diverse range of designs.

Raquel is known for creating striking cluster necklaces with original themes. Often overlapping and combining components from different era's, therefore, making the finished piece more unique and compelling. Her pieces are not only a combination of nostalgia and modernity, but are bold with an amazing color sense.


Raquel's love of fashion began at a very early age through her natural ability to draw. During High School, she developed an interest in the fashion industry which carried into college.

After a brief, two year study in Fashion Design in college, Raquel realized her forte was in fine arts and design. After majoring in Fine Arts for six years, she found herself at a cross road. Her passion had always been fashion, but her gift was in the arts. As the years went by, she pondered a way to merge fashion with her creative ability.

In 2004, Raquel returned to fashion. She designed a small capsule collection of handbags from vintage textiles and brooches. As she continued her work, she amassed a small collection of vintage jewelry. Soon after, she contemplated different ways to utilize them. The idea of revamping them to create modern jewelry pieces came to mind. By 2008, her jewelry making hobby turned into a business with the opening of her online shop.

Raquel's jewelry pieces have been showcased in several music videos, on-line and print fashion editorials and fashion photo shoots in the U.K.


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